Legacy Planning

creating your legacy through estate planning

With the growth in knowledge of financial planning, people have started considering several aspects of their personal finances. The creation of wealth continues to be a focus for many, but it is equally crucial to ensure that the transition of wealth from one generation to the next results in minimal legal and tax implications.

Estate planning allows you to manage, safeguard and preserve your assets to secure your family’s future. If adequately arranged, estate planning can reduce the amount of time and resources your family and business partners have to spend on the distribution of your assets.

Our team of financial advisers can help guide you through the estate planning process by determining the assets you own, and proposing different options on the means in which you can transfer your estate. This can incorporate estate planning tools such as the following:

  • A written Will
  • A Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Trusts
  • Gifts
  • Nominations