Cherish all the joys that life has to offer while ensuring that the unforeseen possibilities do not negatively impact you or your loved ones.

Life-changing events such as a major illness or a critical accident may result in potentially devastating financial consequences for your and your loved ones. While unpredictable, we believe in providing you with the most suitable protection through adequate planning and coverage. Through diverse and personalized solutions that help you protect yourself and your family, we aim to safeguard the things that matter the most to you.

term life insurance

A term life insurance plan can, at its very basic, help to shield your family from financial worries arising from unfortunate and unexpected situations. Term life plans are essentially risk coverage plans without any additional maturity or cash benefits; they can, however, also provide coverage for your outstanding debts (such as mortgages).

Due to its focused scope of coverage, term life plans are comparatively affordable, and can provide higher coverage at lower costs.

whole life insurance

One of the most common protection plans available, whole life insurance plans were designed to provide life-long protection. Whole life insurance plans feature a guaranteed payout upon the demise of the insured, assuming regular premium payments are made until the insured individual’s demise. Whole life insurance plans typically also feature a savings component, which offer – as a result, premiums for whole life plans are comparatively higher than term insurance plans, as part of the premium is invested to build up the future cash value.

Whole life insurance plans can be considered long-term financial commitments, and should be reviewed as part of an individual’s overall financial portfolio. EL-Mandate Advisory provides advise to our clients on the coverage and premium payments that would be most suitable for their protection and objectives, while ensuring their financial commitments remain at a comfortable level.

personal accident insurance

Accidents happen, and can unfortunately be life-changing and also result in unexpected expenses for an individual. Personal accident plans are designed to function as a financial cushion for the insured if he meets with an accident, essentially providing a pay out shouldhe become injured, disabled or dies as a result of an accident.

health insurance

Health insurance plans provide coverage against unexpected medical emergencies, and can help protect the family of an insured individual from unnecessary financial burdens. Given the rising medical and hospitalization costs today, having a good health insurance plan can help an individual better manage your future medical expenses. In addition, these plans are best purchased when the insured is young and healthy, as premiums tend to be more affordable then.