What should you do to achieve your financial objectives through life, such as purchasing your dream home, paying for your children’s education, or pursuing activities such as going on your dream vacation? What can you do to make your money work harder for you?

endowment plans

Endowment plans are long-term plans that typically feature a requirement to save regularly over a period of time, and may also provide some form of insurance coverage (depending on the plan selected). Assuming all premiums are promptly paid and the policy remains in-force, policy holders will receive an assured sum at the end of the policy term, as well as a non-guaranteed portion depending on the performance of the insurer’s participating fund.

Endowments plans are oftentimes be viewed as a possible savings vehicle for risk-adverse individuals; however, the needs and requirements vary from individual to individual. Our experienced financial advisors can best ascertain if endowment plans fit into your financial portfolio, and design a solution that meets your needs.

plans for your children

As parents, we hope that our children grow up happy and healthy, and that we are able to support them financially without having to compromise on any of their dreams or aspirations (such as furthering their studies at their dream college). Our advisors can recommend easy-to-understand plans that ensure that your financial support doesn’t waiver as your children grow up, providing a secure financial future for your children even in unforeseen situations.